I Want to Reference Your Materials on My Site. What Is Your Reprint Policy?

NCLD Reprint Permissions
NCLD is pleased to grant access to original materials to organizations and professionals for the purpose of helping parents and educators who support children with learning and attention issues. Our reprint policy is below, divided by the type use.

Please note that there are articles on NCLD’s website that NCLD has permission to publish, but for which it does not hold copyright. As these articles are not NCLD’s property, we are unable to grant permission for their use. Be aware that reprinting articles from NCLD.org without permission is a violation of copyright law and could be subject to legal action.

Licenses to reproduce content do not extend to photography.

Linking to Articles
No formal permission is required, but we do ask that when possible you mention NCLD.org.

Articles may not be published on the same page as a pharmaceutical ad. If you, your blog or website are sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, please note that in your link or reprint request to info@ncld.org.

Printing Copies for a Community Group or School
Free. No formal permission is required. Just click the Print icon on any article for a printer-friendly version.

Not-for-Profit Reprints (hard copies or digital)
Typically free. Please contact info@ncld.org with a link to the desired piece of content and describing the intended use. You will receive a response within three business days.

Commercial Use (hard copy or digital)
Typically $500 donation per article, granting one-time, nonexclusive North American rights.

Formal approval is required. Please contact info@ncld.org noting desired piece(s) of content and describing the intended use.

Payment must be received prior to the article’s publication via donation at NCLD donations.

Attribution and Guidelines
Articles or excerpts must be reprinted in their entirely with no copy changes.
Articles must include NCLD’s byline under the article title. Examples:
    By Dr. Sheldon Horowitz, NCLD.org
    Provided by NCLD.org (only if no author is noted)
Articles must include copyright information at the close of the article
     Reprinted courtesy of NCLD.org © [Insert Review Year Listed in Article] NCLD, Inc. All rights reserved.

All digital mentions of NCLD.org must be hyperlinked and internal links must be retained.

You agree that NCLD.org will have no liability to you whatsoever, either express or implied, for the information, ideas, concepts or opinions contained in the Reprinted Content.

Materials must not be used in a way that suggests you are associated with NCLD.org or an affiliated NCLD.org entity.

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